Transformed into a New Creation

One of my favorite past times involves watching home renovation shows.  There is something magical about the transformation of a tired old room into a cozy place of rest.  From decrepit and broken to new and restored.  From hideous and unsightly to beautiful and welcoming.  From useless to useful.

Having lived through a renovation project, I can assure you there is nothing magical about the process itself!  My husband and I spent three years renovating an old home.  It was tedious and tiresome.  Many evenings were spent tearing down old walls, pulling out nails, getting dirty, tired, and sometimes, frustrated.  But the result was a home that was beautiful, refreshing, functional, and welcoming.

Why is it human nature receives so much satisfaction in viewing the process of transformation?  We delight in watching this progression over and over again as is evidenced by the popularity of renovating shows on HGTV and similar channels.  We simply can’t get enough of seeing what was once old and ugly being renewed into something our minds had not conceived.


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