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Episode 1: New Beginnings

Welcome to the first ever podcast of Mennonite Women in a Modern World! What does it mean to be a Mennonite and follow Jesus in a world that’s constantly changing and in a culture that often doesn’t?

Please join us as we explore this questions and many more!

Episode 2: Meet Your Hosts - Maria’s Story

We’re not superwomen, and we definitely don’t have all the answers, but we are women who love Jesus and have found Him to be true when all else failed. Join us as Maria talks about embracing her Mennonite roots, her journey to Belize and back, and God’s healing work in her life as she struggled with depression.

Episode 3: Meet Your Hosts - Deanna’s Story

Today on the podcast, Deanna shares her life’s story. In sharing how God led her through her teenage years to doing music ministry with her husband, Deanna’s testimony reveals God’s grace and love in how He cares about the little things that matter to us.

Episode 4: Shaped By Our Culture, Part 1

How has your Mennonite culture shaped your view of God? Today, we start a 3 part series discussing the different ways our culture influenced our view of God, our world, and of ourselves.

Episode 5: Shaped By Our Culture, Part 2

Join Deanna and Maria as we discuss how our culture shaped our view of the world. So often, we are unaware of how prejudiced our world view is until we are confronted with the truth of the Gospel.

Episode 6: Shaped By Our Culture, Part 3

How has our Mennonite culture shaped us in how we view ourselves? On today’s show, Deanna and Maria discuss the pressure to get married young and the feeling of worthlessness that comes when not measuring up to cultural standards.

Episode 7: Myths of the Modern Mennonite Woman, Part 1

Are all Mennonite women submissive housewives who like to cook and garden? Join us today as Maria and Deanna discuss the truths and myths of being a Mennonite woman.

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